We Are All Communist Countries

For a lot of us this whole right-wing Twitter/accelerationist/NRx thing started with Moldbug who wrote about America and American politics and old books over 10 years ago now. When I was reading Moldbug for the first time at around the time of the 2016 election it really opened up my mind and expanded the realm of … Continue reading We Are All Communist Countries

Who Rules the World? An Interview with DC Miller

Dracula Rules the World and Mark Zuckerberg is His Son by DC Miller    The following is an interview with the author of Dracula Rules the World and Mark Zuckerberg is His Son, DC Miller. The book is a trip, skipping between reality and unreality? Where is the line. Discover for yourself.   Blurb: When generic … Continue reading Who Rules the World? An Interview with DC Miller

Hysterical Women: The Fortress

Hysterical Women: The Fortress by S.A. Jones ‘Don’t let the bitches grind you down.’ – Margaret Atwood’s first husband, probably. If you haven’t noticed, women are getting more hysterical by the day. I mean that very much in the general. I’m sure some specific women have managed to keep their heads, but in between all … Continue reading Hysterical Women: The Fortress

Diversify Or Die

https://twitter.com/curtdoolittle/status/1008748687194050561 Is publishing in the tech industry or the media industry? Perhaps neither, since it always likes to see itself as both inside and outside the paradigm at once. Books are ostensibly a technology, one of the greatest and most versatile inventions of all time. What they communicated, though, was art, or at the very … Continue reading Diversify Or Die

Masculinity in the Wasteland

If trouble comes when you least expect it then maybe the thing to do is to always expect it ― Cormac McCarthy, The Road ***WARNING: SPOILERS FOR A QUIET PLACE AND IT COMES AT NIGHT*** There is something about post-apocalypse and manhood. They just seem to go so well together.  When the trappings of modernity are stripped away … Continue reading Masculinity in the Wasteland

Pulling Threads

https://twitter.com/robinhanson/status/991394563196637184 Books, blogs and tweets all collide, the news stream is part of our personal narrative. Thoughts swirl in a giant vat as more are pumped in, never able to reach critical mass. Let me attempt to fold all these ideas together. 1 - A tragedy in endless parts Economists are different from the rest of … Continue reading Pulling Threads