The posts you will read here focus on media aesthetics and meaning, predominately movies and books, and also cultural commentary, whether that is culture through the lens of given texts or through the realities of modern capitalism. My main focus is the world of literature and publishing, and how culture is both affected by and affects this specific microcosm of creativity. Given the human preponderance for words, I think it is vital to criticise out literary establishments and to praise those cultural works that challenge the status quo. The battle for the future is first fought on the page.

On a personal note, I am an  ex-Leftist, burgeoning CRx advocate and Fourth Way Work Initiate. I write, I read and I edit. I have a fascination for words and the linguistic artistry that is so significant to the great canon of work that has come before us. You can sense the postmodern decline of art and culture in our world today, and so there must be stalwart defenders of what is Good, True and Beautiful. Join me as I explore the depravity of the common, and the glory of the despised.

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