Cultural Commentary

Human, More Than Human

  • Why are our texts so obsessed with ending humanity?

Masculinity in the Wasteland

  • Manhood in the age of apocalypse

Pulling Threads

  • Not really sure what this is, but I enjoyed writing it.

Against Anti-Natalism

  • We should be pro-babies

Masculine and Feminine Are Not Dirty Words

What Are You Scared Of?

  • How words can be twisted to suit an agenda.

Why Publishing Sucks

Diversify or Die

  • A look at whether publishing has skin in the game.

Unable to See the Majority for the Minority

  • A take down of a hand-wringing article about POC literature in the UK.

No Award

  • A look at how SJW-ised literary awards have become.

You Must Be By the Book

  • When it comes to YA fiction, authors better not step out of line.

The Stories We Tell Ourselves

  • Where I start my journey of discovery of where modern culture sits

Diversity in Literature

  • What does diversity in literature really mean?

Gender Inequality in Publishing

Fear of an Amazonian Future

  • No, this has nothing to do with big women.